Scented Oil

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* 1 oz bottle of our SPECIALLY FORMULATED scented oil.

* Use only 1-2 mists on the hair side of the the charm, add more as needed.

* Customers love to mix scents and change scents on their charms.

* A bottle of oil lasts over a year

* Leather scents are heavier and spray more in a straight mist.

* Take charm down and spray out of the car and rehang, DO NOT OVER SATURATE.


Scent Descriptions:


Amarillo By Morning - Imagine George Straight on the dance floor

Tipsy Pig - Rum, agave, strawberry, raspberry, and cream

Beautiful Day - Apple, daises, peonies, pears,  & lily's of the valley

Jamaica Me Crazy - Papaya, Apple, Berries, Creamy sweet coconut

Birthday Cake - Sugared Berries, Coconut shavings, caramel & creamy vanilla 

RIP - Clean & sexy scent

Patchouli - Patchouli leaves, cloves, cedar & blackwood

Flannel - Popular scent 

Grapefruit - Persian Cucumber mixed with ripe grapefruit & basil

Butt Naked - Tropical Blend, strawberries, coconut & cherry scents.

Viva La Juicy -blend of sun-kissed apple, wild daisies & fresh pink peonies.  Top notes of Sun-kissed Apple, Dewy Pear, Sparkling Cassis.  Middle Notes of Wild Daisies, Lily of the Valley, Fresh Pink Peony and bottom notes of White Peach and Blonde Woods.