Meet Cissy

What do the Florida Gators, coffee, fashion, and Jesus have in common? Absolutely nothing, but I love them all, and not necessarily in that order. 

Hey everyone, I am Cissy; wife, mother, Coco to my spunky little redhead grandson, friend, Christian, and the businesswoman behind The Classy Cactus Boutique!

Could I wear any more hats and still get things done? Probably not, but I feel happiest when wearing those. I spend my days building friendships with people in our community, and my evenings and weekends nourishing the relationships I've already cultivated. 

After owning Klassix Salon & Spa for twenty-one years, I decided to pursue a passion for fashion that had been steadily growing in me. I mean, if I could make women look their most gorgeous selves with hair and makeup, couldn't I help them dress fabulously, as well? My family and friends said, "YES!!" so I stepped out of my comfort zone and founded The Classy Cactus.

I was so full of anxiety about leaving the salon and committing to a full-time boutique, but the more I stepped away from the salon and towards my dream, the more The Classy Cactus flourished. We were even able to expand and move into our current swanky digs in November of 2019, where I've experienced community love and support like I never dreamed. 

My favorite part of boutique life is getting to talk to and build relationships with my customers. When I can help them pick the perfect outfit or gift for the special moments in their lives – a first date, graduation, wedding shower, baby shower – I feel like I am participating in their happiness and living their joy. 

If you hang out with me too long, I'll brainwash you into believing in yourself and knowing you can look fantastic and achieve anything! 

If you're local, drop in and say hi! We love making new friends!


Happy shopping!